Fee System

WagieBot applies a 0.8% fee to every transaction conducted through the bot. These fees accumulate with each successful transaction. Once the accumulated fees reach a minimum threshold of 0.01 ETH/BNB, they will be automatically sent to the fee address, which can be viewed on the blockchain:



Swaps between stables and ETH do not incur a fee. The exempt pairs from fee collection include ETH <-> USDC, ETH <-> USDT, and ETH <-> DAI.

The fee is automatically deducted from the wallet with the highest balance. If a fee of more than 0.01 is accumulated within a single trade (e.g., 0.05 ETH), the bot will charge 0.05 ETH in a single transaction instead of sending 5 X 0.01 ETH transactions.

Wagie's 0.8% fee is already highly competitive and represents one of the lowest rates in the market for the type of product offered. However, it can be further reduced down to 0.4% if you obtain a tier within the bot. Additional details can be found in The WagieBot Token section.

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