🪙The WagieBot Token

$WagieBot serves as the official utility token for WagieBot. The free version of the bot is already the most robust tool available on the market, designed specifically for end-users, however, by holding a certain number of tokens, you can enhance your WagieBot even further and unlock numerous advantages, as outlined below:

  • Bot Fees: 0.8% -> 0.4%

  • Max Wallets: 4 -> 8

  • Tracked Trades: 5 -> 9

  • Tracker Timer: 24 Hours -> 72 Hours

  • Copy Trades: 3 -> 7

  • Active Snipes: 1 -> 5

The token threshold needed to access a specific tier will be adjusted based on the project's market capitalization. For the most up-to-date tier prices, you can refer to this page or follow us on social media. This approach ensures that new users won't need to invest substantial sums to reach a premium level, and it also allows early adopters to easily attain it.

Once you acquire a sufficient number of tokens to attain any of the aforementioned Tiers, that tier will remain accessible indefinitely, provided you refrain from selling your tokens.

Activating a Tier

To activate a tier, simply hold your WagieBot tokens in one of your connected wallets. You can check your active bot tier by going to the /menu and clicking on the 👑 VIP button. The activated tier is tied to your account, and as long as you have a wallet containing WagieBot tokens connected, it will remain active.


WagieBot was fair launched on July 10, 2023, with no presales, investors or early birds involved. Wagie's core objective is to create a sustainable ecosystem comprising a series of peak-performance bots and free-to-use information tools at an affordable price, without sacrificing on quality.

Half of all revenue generated from the bot (minus referral payouts) and token, as well as one-third of the revenue from other ventures like CryptoCalls, CryptoBots, and others, is allocated to daily buy-backs of WagieBot tokens, conducted between 20 and 30 hours. The acquired tokens are then placed into an elastic pool.

By default, the pool maintains a 50% burn and 50% in-app rewards ratio. However, this ratio may vary, ranging from 30% burned and 70% rewards to 70% burned and 30% in-app rewards. The specific ratio is determined on a weekly basis by project campaigns such as trading competitions, referral competitions, planned activity-based in-app rewards, and market trend/volatility.

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