⚙️Stop-Loss & Take Profit Orders

By default, the settings for Stop-Loss and Take-Profit orders are applied to every trade. Nevertheless, you can modify these settings on a per-trade basis by using the '⚙️ Settings' button within each tracked trade.

How to Access SL/TP Settings

  1. Enter the /menu command

  2. Click on the '📊 Tracker' button

  3. Click on '⚙️TP/SL Settings'

Default TP/SL Settings

Once in the TP/SL Settings, a menu containing all of your Default SL/TP Settings will appear:

Under the general overview of your settings, a set of buttons will be available. You can use these buttons to personalize your settings. The pen icon allows you to edit the setting, while the trash can icon clears the setting.

📌 General

Trailing Stop-Loss

The bot will automatically update your Stop-Loss (S/L) as your PnL increases. For instance, if your initial Trailing Stop-Loss (T-SL) is set at -20% and the token's price goes up by 10%, your new T-SL will be adjusted to -10%. This dynamic feature helps you secure your gains as the price rises. Enabling Trailing Stop-Loss will reveal the following options:

Trailing S/L Increment % - The parameter for moving the Stop-Loss (S/L) is defined by the percentage increment at which the S/L should be adjusted. For example, if you want to move your S/L up by 5% for every 5% increase in the token price, you should set the value to 5. Trailing S/L Sell (Amount) % - The amount of tokens to be sold when your S/L is hit.

📌 Gas

Gas Price Delta

Gas Delta signifies the extra amount of gas you're willing to pay beyond the blockchain's average. WagieBot will add the specified gwei increment to the base chain gas price, elevating the priority of your transaction within the block.

Gas Limit

Gas limits are based on the complexity and computational demands of each contract. The bot automatically calculates the necessary amount for each transaction, so manual adjustments are unnecessary. However, if you wish to block contracts with high gas requirements, you can set a limit.


Price Slippage accounts for taxes and fluctuations in token price caused by market movements. Wagie's auto slippage feature will automatically adjust this value for you, rounding it to the nearest decimal that ensures your transaction's success. You can also customize your slippage to your desired levels. The formula for slippage is Expected Per-Block Price Movement (%) + Token Taxes (%) = Slippage (%).

📌 Triggers

Stop Loss % - This is the maximum loss (negative PnL) at which the stop-loss order will trigger. Stop Loss Amount % - Prompts you to specify your desired amount of holdings (%) to be sold when your take-profit is hit. Take Profit % - Allows you to select your take profit % target (positive PnL) at which the take profit order will trigger. Take Profit Amount % - Prompts you to specify your desired amount of holdings (%) to be sold when your take-profit order is hit. Exit Market Cap - You have the option to choose a specific market capitalization value at which you will exit the trade. It's important to note that the "Exit Market Cap" order will be executed before any Stop-Loss (SL) or Take-Profit (TP) orders. This allows you to have an additional exit strategy based on market capitalization levels.

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