šŸ’»Limit Orders

Limit Orders allow you to trade tokens at specified prices. Wagie consistently monitors token prices in real-time, triggering your limit buy or sell orders the moment your specified conditions are met.

How to Access Limit Orders

Limit Orders can be accessed through regular contract pasting (Quick LO Menu) and through the Trade Tracker feature (General LO Menu)

Accessing the General Limit Order Menu:

  1. Enter the /menu command

  2. Click on the 'šŸ“Š Tracker' button

  3. Click on 'šŸ’»Limit Orders'

Accessing the Quick Limit Order Menu

  1. Paste a Smart Contract

  2. Click on 'āš™ļø Limit Order'

How to Create a New Limit Order

Click on the 'āž• Create a New Limit Order' button and you'll be taken to the limit order submission menu:

Here, you'll be given a list of options and settings for your limit order. šŸ’³ Wallet - Wallet Switch button, allowing you to cycle through wallets and select an active wallet. šŸ“ˆ Buy / šŸ“‰ Sell - Buying and Selling Switch button, allowing you to cycle through limit buys and limit sells. Price - Choose the exact price at which you want your limit order to be executed. šŸ’° Buy Amount - Your limit order amount (in ETH for Ethereum, BNB for BSC, etc.) šŸ’ø Sell Amount - Your limit order amount (in % of your token holdings) šŸ’¦ Slippage - The maximum allowed slippage at which your order will execute. ā±ļø Expiry - Choose the amount of time (in hours) the order stays active for. āœ… Submit New Limit Order - Order submission button. āŒ Cancel New Limit Order - Cancel button

Example Limit Order

Buy limit orders are placed below the current market price. Buy limits will only be executed when the market price drops to or below the specified limit price. Sell limit orders are placed above the current market price. Sell limits will only be executed when the market price rises to or exceeds the specified limit price. It can also double as a take profit order.

  1. Select the wallet which you'll be setting a limit order for

  2. Click on 'Price' and input the target price of the token you're trading.

  1. Click on 'šŸ’°Buy Amount' and input your buy amount (in ETH for Ethereum, BNB for BSC, etc.)

  1. Click on 'šŸ’¦ Slippage' and input the maximum allowed slippage for your limit order.

  1. Click on 'ā±ļø Expiry' and input an expiry timer for your limit order.

After filling out all of the fields, click on 'āœ… Submit New Limit Order' and it'll appear as active under your limit orders for the selected token.

You can then pause, unpause, change or delete your limit order. For a better overview of your limit orders, you can also call the General LO Menu.

General Limit Order Menu

All of the limit orders are segregated by pairs in your general limit order menu. From here, you can store limit orders on multiple token pairs and execute advanced strategies in a clean and user friendly manner.

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