Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I. Safety

Q: Why does WagieBot require private keys?

When you want to send a transaction using any blockchain, you create a transaction message that includes details such as the recipient's address, the amount to be sent, and other relevant information.

To ensure the integrity and authenticity of the transaction, you sign it using your private key. By requiring a private key to sign a transaction, blockchains ensure that only the owner of the private key can authorize and validate transactions associated with their wallet.

WagieBot requires a private key for Buying, Approving, Selling, Copy Trading and Sniping. Your private key fulfils the role of a signer for the transactions carried out by WagieBot. A viable comparison would be Metamask, which stores your encrypted private keys using your browser's data storage.

For every action that requires a private key, WagieBot takes your encrypted private key from the secure environment, decrypts it internally, performs the task you've given it, and deletes the key from its cache.

You can still use WagieBot as a research tool, even without a wallet, however, functionality will be limited to pasting and retrieving information about smart contracts.

Q: Are my private keys encrypted?

A: All of your wallet information is AES256 encrypted and stored in a secure environment.

II. General

Q: Is WagieBot open source?

A: WagieBot is proprietary software and is not open source.

Q: When was WagieBot created?

A: WagieBot research and design began in February 2023, active development began in March 2023, and a beta group was established in April 2023. The V1 beta version of the bot was fairly launched on July 10, and the V2I (initial) version of the bot was introduced on September 25.

Q: Where can I check WagieBot's development logs?

A: You can do that by checking the pinned messages in our Telegram Channel.

Q: Can I partner with Wagie?

A: If you think your project, your interests, or the interests of your community align with WagieBot's vision, feel free to email us at

III. Roadmap

Q: What are the future plans for Wagie?

A: Wagie's main goal is to push the boundaries and provide convenience and ease of use to ordinary DeFi users. Once you try the bot, it's hard to go through any DEX again. Wagie's main goal is to become every DeFi user's Swiss Army knife, available at any given time for any given purpose. The future holds the development and integration of many exciting ideas such as adding other decentralized protocols, LP interactions, bridging and more.

Q: Can I share ideas to expand Wagie?

A: Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to do so. We collect every piece of feedback we get from our users, evaluate it, and add it to our production pipeline. If you've got something that would make WagieBot better for the end user, we'll do our best to implement it.

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