▶️Launch WagieBot

Wagie may appear intimidating at first, but rest assured that the bot features a best-in-class user interface. The process of initiating the bot, configuring it, and putting it to work for you is extremely straightforward and shouldn't take longer than a minute.

To activate the bot, simply head over to Telegram and message @WagieBot. You can find the official bot handle using the provided link below.

Once in the bot, press the start button or send the /start command.

Next, the bot will send you a welcome message, requesting you to join the official WagieBot group. It will provide you with an invite link to the group, which remains active for 24 hours.

If the link goes unused during this period, it will be automatically deactivated. In the event that you need to generate a new link, you can simply send the /start command again.

The Main Menu

Once you've fulfilled the requirement of joining the group, you're ready to start using WagieBot. To begin, enter the /menu command in the chat, and the bot will promptly respond with the main menu.

Through the main menu, you can explore all of WagieBot's features and access its various functions. For quick access to the main menu at any time, you can always use the /menu command.

That's it! You've started WagieBot. Next, head over to "👛 Wallets" to set up your first wallet.

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