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Learn about the WagieBot referral program and how to

WagieBot offers a multi-level referral program, spanning accross 3 levels which allows you to earn of the fees paid to the bot by your referrals. The referral program is tier-based and consists of the following tiers:

  • Direct Referrals - 15% of commissions paid to the bot.

  • Level 2 - 10% of commissions paid to the bot.

  • Level 3 - 5% of commissions paid to the bot.

In addition, each user who uses a referral link receives a 10% discount on their bot fees, further incentivizing the use of referral links.

Access Referrals

Head over to the /menu -> '👥 Referrals' and an unique referral code will be generated for you. Any user who clicks on the link will be listed as your referral and all of their transactions through WagieBot will earn you a portion of their fees.

The referral commissions are deducted from the fees paid to WagieBot and come directly in the native currencies of each supported chain.

Generate a Custom Referral Code

You can personalize your bot with a custom referral link by going to the '👥 Referrals' menu and clicking on the '✏️Change Referral Code' button. The bot will ask you to respond with your preferred referral code, and if it's available, it will be applied to your account.

WagieBot enables you to combine your referral links with contract address pastes. When a user clicks on such a link, WagieBot will apply the referral code and automatically input the smart contract into the bot, bringing up the buy/sell menus. This functionality proves highly useful when integrating your WagieBot referral link with various services like price bots, call channels, and more.

To generate such a link, simply add a token address after your referral link in the following format: https://t.me/wagiebot?start=REFLINKTOKENADDRESS

The end result should look like this: https://t.me/wagiebot?start=Test0x7Fc66500c84A76Ad7e9c93437bFc5Ac33E2DDaE9

How do I claim my commissions?

At present, we distribute referral commissions to all users on a weekly basis.

In the near future, we will deploy an on-chain referral manager to enhance this process. Once implemented, this new system will enable you to claim your commissions at your convenience.

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