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On-Paste Wallet Settings

The on-paste wallet settings are applied to the buy/sell menus when pasting a contract. It's important to note that other bot modules such as '🪞 Copy Trading' and '🔫 Snipers' have their own individual settings presets, which are not inherited from the wallet settings. Each module operates with its specific configuration settings.

How to Change On-Paste Wallet Settings

  1. 1.
    Enter the /wallets command
  2. 2.
    Select a chain you'll be editing the settings for (e.g ⚙️ ETH)
  3. 3.
    Select the wallet you'll be editing the settings for (e.g ⚙️MyWallet)
  4. 4.
    Click on '⚙️ Default On-Paste Wallet Settings'
A menu containing all of your on-paste settings for the selected wallet and chain will appear:
Under the general overview of your settings for the specified wallets, a set of buttons will be available. You can use these buttons to personalize your wallet settings. The pen icon allows you to edit the setting, while the trash can icon clears the setting.

0️⃣ Default (Auto) Settings

WagieBot is optimized for 100% block inclusion, which means that during regular trading of low to medium-hyped tokens with moderate volatility, the bot will operate effectively without requiring adjustments to your settings.
The Default (Auto) Settings module will automatically determine the necessary slippage and gwei price, ensuring that you get your transaction included in a block.

How to Restore Defaults

You can reset your settings to their default values and switch to 'Auto' mode by clicking the edit button next to each setting in the menus below and entering 0.

📌 General Settings

Degen Mode

Degen mode disregards all custom wallet settings and attempts to submit a transaction at any cost. It's a high-risk tool and should only be used when absolutely necessary, not enabled by default.

📌 Buy / Sell Settings


Wagie's Anti-Mev is a built-in protection mechanism against frontrunning/sandwich attacks (i.e MEV attacks). When buying/selling tokens, Anti-Mev will essentially send your transaction directly to miners, avoiding the public mempool, and negating any potential slippage/price deviation which could otherwise occur due to MEV attacks:


Price Slippage accounts for taxes and fluctuations in token price caused by market movements. Wagie's auto slippage feature will automatically adjust this value for you, rounding it to the nearest decimal that ensures your transaction's success. You can also customize your slippage to your desired levels. The formula for slippage is Expected Per-Block Price Movement (%) + Token Taxes (%) = Slippage (%).

Gas Delta

Gas Delta signifies the extra amount of gas you're willing to pay beyond the blockchain's average. WagieBot will add the specified gwei increment to the base chain gas price, elevating the priority of your transaction within the block.

Gas Limit

Gas limits are based on the complexity and computational demands of each contract. The bot automatically calculates the necessary amount for each transaction, so manual adjustments are unnecessary. However, if you wish to block contracts with high gas requirements, you can set a limit.

📌 Approve Settings

Auto Approve

Approving a token for selling is a requirement on every DEX. WagieBot has this feature enabled by default to facilitate the selling process, ensuring you can sell promptly without being delayed by pending on-chain transactions. If a token is already approved, WagieBot will promptly notify you and will not initiate additional approval transactions.

Gas Delta

Gas Delta signifies the extra amount of gas you're willing to pay beyond the blockchain's average to approve the tokens for selling.