šŸ“„Contract Pasting

Pasting any contract into your WagieBot will automatically retrieve all relevant token information.

Below the retrieved token information, the Buy/Sell menu, inheriting your settings from 'āš™ļø On-Paste Wallet Settings', will appear.

For a detailed tutorial on Buying and Selling through WagieBot, please check the 'šŸ”ƒ Trading' section in our help center.

Details Fetched

Upon each paste, WagieBot will retrieve the following information:

šŸ“„ CA - The contract address of the pasted token. šŸŒŠ LP - The largest liquidity pool found for the token. šŸ‘€ Views - The number of times the token has been viewed in WagieBot. šŸ•’ Last Checked - The last paste of the token in WagieBot. šŸ’° Balance - The amount of tokens you own in the selected wallet. šŸ’° Balance Īž - The amount of ETH in the selected wallet. ā›½ļø Chain Gas - The current on-chain gwei price. šŸ’± TX Fees - The current cost of a transaction on the selected chain. šŸ“ˆ Market Cap - The current market cap of the pasted token.. šŸŠā€ā™€ļø Pooled Token1 - The amount of pooled ETH for the pair. šŸŠā€ā™€ļø Pooled Token2 - The amount of pooled tokens for the pair. šŸ’§ Liquidity - The liquidity % of the pair. ā“‚ļø Max Wallet - Maximum tokens a wallet can hold šŸ…±ļø Max Buy - Maximum amount of tokens that can be bought in a single transaction. šŸ·ļø Max Sell - The maximum amount of tokens that can be sold in a single transaction. šŸ’ø Token Tax - The CA's token tax (if applicable).

WagieBot can also identify contract addresses from links pasted into the bot.

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