šŸ“ŠTrade Tracker

WagieBot features the best-in-class trade tracker that offers real-time Profit and Loss (PnL) monitoring, automatically combines your buys through Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA), and allows you to configure advanced orders like Stop-Loss and Take Profit. Additionally, it provides an advanced sell menu.

When you by a token using WagieBot, the trade is automatically logged in the trade tracker and pinned by the bot for your convenience. Moreover, you can manually add tracked trades to the bot by pasting the contract and clicking the track button. Wagie also supports Profit and Loss (PnL) tracking for trades made outside of the bot and will automatically calculate your entry price, current PnL, and holdings.

Tracker Details

šŸ„‡ Initial - The initial amount you bought a token for. šŸ¤‘ Worth - The current worth of your holdings. šŸ¦ Expected w/ tax - The expected payout including all taxes. šŸ“„ CA - The contract address of the token. šŸ’° Balance - Your current token balance. šŸ“Š Entry MCap (DCA'd) - The market cap at which you bought the token with any additional buys averaged for. šŸ“Š Current MCap - The current market cap of the token. šŸ’ø Token Tax - The taxes of the token (if applicable). šŸ–Øļø Other Trades - Other active tracked trades you might have

Dollar Cost Averaging

WagieBot will accurately track and account for any buys and sells you execute on a token, providing you with a comprehensive PnL calculation. For instance, if we buy an additional 0.01 ETH worth of the token in the example trade mentioned earlier, the tracker will automatically update the initial, the balance, PnL, and average the entry market capitalization of both buys.

Tracker Menu

On top of the regular Sell Menu, you also have access to the following:

āš™ļø Settings

The settings button gives you access to advanced order types like Stop-Loss and Take-Profit, with your default settings pre-applied. However, you have the flexibility to customize these settings on a per-trade basis.

šŸ“² Share PnL - Prints a shareable image with PnL and referral link embedded. šŸ”„ Timer - Resets the timer of the trade. šŸ›‘ Stop - Stops the trade from being tracked. šŸ—‘ļø Delete - Deletes the tracked trade.

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