Welcome to WagieBot

Short Introduction

WagieBot is a versatile bot operating on its own proprietary private infrastructure available on the following 🛜 Networks: • Ethereum (ETH) | Binance Smart Chain (BSC) | Arbitrum (ARB) | Solana (SOL)
Wagie empowers users to perform a wide array of actions, including: 📄 Fetching: Direct Contract Pasting | • On-Paste Settings | On-Paste Auto-Buy | HP/Tax/LP Checks | Groups 🔃 Buying/Selling: • Private Nodes | Anti-Mev | Custom/Auto Settings | Auto Estimations | Instant Broadcast 📊 Tracking: • Trade Tracker | DCA Orders | Stop-Loss | Take-Profit | Trailing S/L 🔫 Sniping: • Manual Sniping | Liquidity Sniping | Method Sniping | Bribing | Auto Sniping 🪞 Copy Trading: • Segregated Settings | Copy Buys | Copy Sells
👛 Wallets: • Burner Wallets | Imported Wallets | Wallet Settings | Transferring Coins/Tokens ➕ Other: • Referral Program | Perpetuals (GMX) | VIP | Stats WagieBot simplifies these tasks via a user-friendly interface, reducing the typical complexity and learning curve. It offers access to advanced features through Telegram ✅ and Discord 🔜.
All the actions you perform through WagieBot, whether it's buying, selling, sniping, copy trading, or any other task, are executed instantaneously. Furthermore, WagieBot offers detailed prompts, notifications, and confirmations for all your transactions and trades.
For in-depth video tutorials covering every feature, please visit our YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can refer to our comprehensive documentation, which contains descriptions of every bot feature and possible scenario.
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